Chesterfield Development Activities

Tuesday’s webinar about Chesterfield kept the approximately 100 attendees listening with first-hand reports from key players that are revitalizing the Chesterfield landscape.

“There are 44 active development projects. These aren’t building permits, they are projects that are going through the planning department…so a lot of things are happening as we speak,” said Mike Geisel, City of Chesterfield Administrator.

Tim Lowe, Vice President of Leasing & Development with The Staenberg Group said, “We decided to convert the existing outlet center into an entertainment center called The District. One of the things that are unique about this project throughout the industry and the United States is…The District will be the first example of an entertainment center that has multiple entertainment choices in addition to food and other opportunities.”

In speaking about Wildhorse, Jeff Tegethoff, CRG Operating Partner said, “We feel this is the most exciting time in the history of Chesterfield to be developing in the area. I can’t think of very many places, not just in St. Louis but in the entire Midwest, where you have – essentially between this site, the other Wildhorse site, and what The Staenberg Group are doing with The District – a billion dollars in development in the next 3 – 5 years in this concentrated of an area.”

For those that attended the webinar, please complete THIS short survey about the presentation and provide your thoughts about CCIMSTL 2021 programming. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recorded webinar HERE.